Battle of Baghdad
General information
Date 11 March 1917
Theatre Middle East Theatre
(Mesopotamian Campaign)
Belligerents Ottoman flag.svg Ottoman Empire vs 600px-British Raj Red Ensign.svg India
Game Type Conquest
Style Landing
Flags Baghdad Palace
Baghdad East
Baghdad Mosque
Baghdad Outskirts South
Ottoman Defend Lines West
Ottoman Defend Lines East

After the surrender of the Kut garrison on 29 April 1916, the British Army in Mesopotamia underwent a major overhaul. A new commander, Lieutenant General Sir Frederick Stanley Maude was given the job of restoring Britain's military reputation. General Maude spent the rest of 1916 rebuilding his army. Most of his troops were recruited in India and then sent by sea to Basra. While these troops were being trained, British military engineers built a field railway from the coast up to Basra and beyond. General Maude also obtained a small force of armed river boats and river supply ships