Helles Landings - Battle of Gallipoli
General information
Status Playable
Date April 1915
Theatre Middle Eastern (Gallipoli Campaign)
Belligerents Ottoman flag.svg Ottoman Empire Flag of the United Kingdom.svg (1) United Kingdom
Game Type Conquest
Style Landing

During the infamous Gallipoli operation on April 25th 1915, the transport "River Clyde" landed 2100 soldiers on V-Beach near the ancient fortress of Sedd El-Bahr. Supported by gunfire from Anglo-French fleet and facing a hopelessly outnumbered enemy, the invading force didn't expect much resistance. But their expectations were wrong: Despite lack of ammunition and without much hope for reinforcements, the Turks fought with a courage born of desperation. But will this be enough to prevent the invaders from marching on to Constantinople?