Fusil d'Infanterie Modèle 1886
General Historical Information
Place of origin France
Type Bolt-Action Rifle
Effective range 400 m
Magazine 8 rounds
Ammunition 8×50mmR Lebel
General Ingame Information
Used by French France
Images Belgium
Images (senegal) Senegal
Bayonets Lebel Bayonet
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The Fusil d'Infanterie Modèle 1886, or shortly and better know as the Lebel, was the first designed military firearm to use smokeless powder ammunition. It entered French service in 1887. The Lebel, however, had suffered from a design flaw. The tubular magazine under the barrel was a disaster. When they reload the bullet to fast, it can make an explosion. Although the better Berthier from 1916 was available, the Lebel remained, despite its weaknesses, the standard bolt rifle of the French Army during World War One and until 1937 when the MAS-36 rifle saw service in the French army. However, when the war brook out in May 1940 in France, the French army still fighting with Lebels against the Germans. And when the Germans captured those rifles, the Germans still used the weapon as the Gewehr 301(f). This rifle is also available in Forgotten Hope Secret Weapons!

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