Liberation of Roeselare
Liberation of Roeselare
General information
Date 14 October 1918
Theatre Western Front
Belligerents German flag German Empire vs Images Belgium
Game Type Conquest
Style Infantry
Flags Grote Markt
Sint Michielskerk

After the fall of Liege & Antwerp, the Belgians retreated behind the Yser in October 1914 & opened the locks at Nieuwpoort on October 25, so that the battlefield between the Yser & the railway was put under water. The Belgians were in defense behind the railroad until late summer 1918 so they never did with major offensives between 1914 & 1918, which the Belgian army was still strong. During the late summer of 1918, the Entente focused on the liberation of Belgium. The Belgian/French Army Group Vlaanderen, under the command of King Albert I, attacking in the north from the Ypres Salient to Brussels and the coast. On October 14, they attacking & liberated Roeselare, a town 24 km north of Ypres.