General information
origin German flag German Empire
operators German flag German Empire
category Tank
armour Unknow
speed 5 km/h
main armament 1x 57 mm Nordfeld gun
seat 1 Driver
Historical Picture

The Treffas-Wagen was a notable German tank design. The project began in 1916 at the request of the Deutsches Heer. The prototype was built by the Hansa-Lloyd factory in Bremen and was completed on February 1, 1917. It was a 18 -ton tank which consisted of an armored cab with a tail in which the motor was placed. At the front was the main gun be mount. On both side of the cabin, were two huge wide wheels mount with a diameter of 3 meters! At the back was a small support wheel. The armament consisted of two Mauser anti-tank rifles or a Belgian Nordenfeld 57mm cannon, who also be used on the Sturmpanzerwagen A7V. The vehicle was operated by a crew of four (The driver, commander , a gunner and a loader. If the vehicle was equipped with a Nordfeld gun. Or the driver, commander and two shooters. If the vehicle was equipped with two Mauser AT rifles). The vehicle was tested in February and March and would be the successor of the Sturmpanzerwagen A7V. The design was canceled and the prototype was demolished in October 1917 for the steel.

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