On April 4th, 2017, the channel BF18ACE release a teaser trailer for Version 3.2 of Battlefield 1918. In the trailer, we get sneak previews of two new nations; Bulgaria, and Serbia.

On June 13th, a video was released showing a few new things. The most noticeable addition is yet another new nation, Japan. Then, we are shown the words meanwhile, and we are greeted by a waving Russian flag. In the backround, we see some trucks, Russo-Balt Armored Cars, an Austin Armored Car, and a few Model T's. Then, it cuts to a building. We hear an engine, and for a brief few seconds, we see a giant wheel, before the video fades to black. The giant wheel is that of a Russian prototype tank, the Tsar Tank, which had two giant wheels in the front of it.

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